FLICKTALES is a brand new Italy-based film production company. We write, develop and produce scripted and unscripted original contents, both auteur-driven and market-oriented.

With a special access to Naples – Campania, Apulia, as well as to the capital Rome, FLICKTALES is a filming gate to Southern Italy.

We also offer creative advice and filming executive support to other companies, storytellers and filmmakers, providing professional services in Italian, Spanish and English, for every stage of film production process: concept development, screenwriting and script editing, financing, location management, filming, executive production, casting, music scoring and editing.

Founded and run by an MD with a wide experience in film industry, FLICKTALES is the perfect partner for boosting your projects. Join us and turn your ideas into feature films, TV series, limited series, miniseries, documentaries, short films, transmedia narratives and much more. Let’s talk about your project!

SAMANTHA CITO / Managing Director & Founder

Screenwriter, director and producer with over 20 years’ experience in all stages of film production process. As storyteller and producer she is focused on content development for international projects, and has a special interest in co-produce stories involving Mediterranean, European or Ibero-American countries.